Making Predictions after Training in Testing Mode (New Video)

1/4/2012 - By creating a model in Testing Mode, you have more control over the quality of the model at making predictions. Now in GeneXproTools 4.3, by using the Import Models feature, itís possible to create a model while in Testing Mode and then import it from a different run primed for prediction. This video shows how to do this in GeneXproTools using the monthly closings of the Dow-Jones industrial index. It also shows the difference between Testing Mode and Prediction Mode in GeneXproTools using a very simple time series example.

To watch the video, please go to:

To download the Demo of GeneXproTools, please go to:

The demo allows you to use your own time series and all the features are operational, except for making predictions and code visualization. However, by evaluating the software in Testing Mode, you have access to all the model statistics to give you an idea of the quality of the models being created.

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