Logistic Regression & Classification with GeneXproTools 4.3 (New Video)

12/1/2011 - A new video showing how to do Logistic Regression and Classification in GeneXproTools, focusing on the new features introduced in version 4.3.

The highlights are:

o How to Create a New Modeling Session
o How to Create Independent and Unattended Runs
o How to Import Models from Different Files
o How to Convert Logistic Regression Models to Classification and Vice Versa
o New Logistic Regression Charts
o New Binomial Fit by Model Chart
o New Binomial Fit by Target Chart
o New Classification Tapestry
o New Model Management Tools
o How to Create Ensemble Models and Deploy them to Excel
o How to Deploy Models to Excel

To watch the video, please go to:

To download the Demo of GeneXproTools, please go to:

The demo allows you to use your own datasets and all the features are operational, except for scoring/prediction and code visualization. However, for the sample runs that ship with GeneXproTools, all the features are totally functional. The sample runs cover a wide spectrum of real-world modeling problems, from credit approval to diabetes and cancer diagnosis.

For a more detailed list of the new features introduced in all modeling platforms of GeneXproTools, please go to:

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