GeneXproTools 4.3 New Release

11/30/2011 - We are proud to announce that Gepsoft released today GeneXproTools 4.3. With this release we are introducing new visualization tools, including a Classification Tapestry for model visualization during the design process and Binomial Fit Charts for visualization of Logistic Regression Models.

We are also adding new possibilities with the deployment of models to Excel that will save you the time and resources of dealing with the model source code. In addition to Model Deployment to Excel, we are also introducing the deployment of ensemble models to Excel, with the automatic generation of the Majority Vote Model for Classification and Logistic Regression, and the Average and Median Models for Function Finding and Time Series Prediction.

Another important aspect of this release is the introduction of new Fitness Functions for exploring the solution space more efficiently, creating better classifiers with wider margins and better generalization.

Also worth pointing out are the new capabilities for multiple unattended runs and the extensive Model Management Tools for selecting and keeping only the models of interest.

Below is a more detailed list of the new features:

o New Visualization Tools
o Model Deployment to Excel
o Ensemble Deployment to Excel
o Extensive Model Management
o New Fitness Functions
o Speed-ups
o Decentralized Model Navigation
o Improved Confusion Matrix
o New Defaults for the Genetic Operators
o Real-time Evaluation of the Correlation Coefficient
o Change Rate Indicator
o Improved Heatmap
o Improved Evolutionary Dynamics Chart
o Improved Addition of Neutral Genes
o New Selection Tools for the Function Set
o Better Handling of Big Function Sets
o New Sorting Tools in the Results Panel
o New Copy Chart Data
o New Copy Modes for the Results Table
o New Custom Fitness Functions Examples
o New UDFs Examples
o New Sample Runs
o Improved Defaults
o Improved History Panel
o Copy of the Confusion Matrix
o Scoring Models in Excel
o Support for Excel 2007 and 2010
o Easier Data Loading in Excel
o Drag and Drop of GEP Files
o More Compact GEP Files
o And other little improvements that will make modeling more enjoyable.

You can see a more detailed list of the new features here:

GeneXproTools ships with 20 different sample runs that cover a large array of modeling problems. The sample runs are unlocked in demo mode so you can create new models, generate code and generally evaluate the complete workflow.

The demo allows you to use your own datasets and all the features are operational except scoring/prediction and code visualization. However, for the included sample runs all the features are operational in the demo. GeneXproTools can be installed on Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2003 and 2008. To download GeneXproTools, please go to:

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